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Dec 22

New (4G) Blacklist Now in Beta

Just a quick note to anyone interested in securing their websites against malicious activity, spam, and other nonsense. Several months after releasing my 3G Blacklist, I have finally begun work on the next incarnation of the blacklist: the 4G Firewall!

The first part of the blacklist is now ready for testing, and I plan on setting it up on Perishable Press within the next few days. While testing on my own site, I thought it would beneficial to also invite a few “beta” testers to run the code on their own site(s) as well.

So, if you have a site that receives its share of malicious attacks, and cracker exploits, drop me a line via the contact form at Perishable Press and I will send you the initial block of HTAccess directives. This version of the Blacklist is looking better than ever, and I look forward to releasing the complete version to the public early in 2009.

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